Emotional Fluency 
In our Changing World 

A TEDxWhiting Conference

June 25, 2022 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM @ Manchester Township High School 

An event you'll THANK YOURSELF for attending! 

A note from Keturah Roasto, TEDxWhiting Curator

TEDxWhiting will bring together 15  leaders in their diverse spheres of influence to discuss the idea of EMOTIONAL FLUENCY in our changing world. Join us for a half-day filled with performances exploring  as Emotional Fluency™ a topic surrounding food, music, performing arts, and more. A portion of the proceeds of this event will go to 180- Turning Lives Around 

Four Hours Packed with entertainment, inspiration and pure enjoyment!!! 

Date: June 25, 2022 Time: 11AM -3PM (Later if you're coming to the VIP Afterparty) 
Place: Manchester Township High School,
Address: 101 Hawks Way, Manchester Township, NJ 08759.


Liudmila Schafer, MD. 

Oncologist & Associate Professor 

Prerna Chakkingal


Traci Hill

Personal Development Strategist & Motivational Speaker  

Brian Nelson-Palmer 

Founder - Productivity Gladiator

Nate Evans Jr. 

Author, Speaker & Mental Health Advocate

Lawrence Drake, PhD. 


Hannes Wingate 

Artist & Wilderness Guide

Kimberly Charlery-Pierre 

Mindful Creator

Audrey Lawrence 

Motivational Speaker 

Chiquista Proctor 

Certified Business Coach 

Charissa Pizarro, PsyD. 

Clinical Psychologist & Speaker

Shermalyn Sidonie-John 

Marketing Strategist

Anna Makarova 

UX Researcher, Coach, Storyteller

Glen Coleman

Teacher & Author 

Dino Rosato 

Entrepreneur & Spiritual Leader 


This TEDxWhiting Event is made possible through the hard work, dedication and contributions of our volunteer team. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please CLICK HERE to complete  our four (4) question submission form and our Marketing Team will be in touch with you.


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