Brian Nelson-Palmer

Facilitator, Instructor, Public Speaker 

"Time is the currency of your life, spend it wisely.”

At age 4, Brian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and was told that his life would be 10-20 years shorter than everyone else’s. Figuring out the easiest and best ways to maximize every minute has been a lifelong pursuit. Brian strives to maintain a high level of performance at work, while also thriving in his personal life. He is continuously asked, “How do you do it all?” and “How do you keep track of it all?” This is where Productivity Gladiator was born.

Brian has been a public speaker, instructor, and facilitator since 2002. His fascination with continuous improvement surfaced in 2005 when his workplace began extensively implementing LEAN process improvement. His passion for training came to the forefront in 2014-2015 while he was an instructor of several professional development courses. With Productivity Gladiator, Brian teaches workshops and speaks at conferences across the country on Work-Life Balance and Personal Productivity for employees of businesses and organizations. He has a knack for making complex ideas simple, easy to understand, and relatable.




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