The Inspiration that produced the TEDxWhiting Live Event 

There's no denying that for so many of us, the adjustment to the world's recent events have been Emotionally Taxing!

But as our world continues to change, we have been compelled to make pivots and adjustments in every area of our lives. 

What started with a question that our host and Curator, Keturah Rosato asked herself during the pandemic. "Where does emotional fluency begin in an ever-changing world?" led to her organizing and bringing together voices from different backgrounds, ages, and spheres of influence to share from their perspectives and offer their innovative and transformative ideas worth sharing to the local community and the online community as well. 

Each of our speakers brings his or her own unique encounters with Emotional Fluency and how it has shaped their response and helped them redefine norms and maintain their core values in the process and aftermath of their journey. 

As we explore new ways to connect - to self, to place, to our cultures and communities - we are simultaneously asked to consider the cause and effect and reveal the premises that actively shape and reform life’s outcome. 

Therefore, through the vantage point of emotional fluency, we will examine our collective and individual approach to emotional fluency and the shape it takes in our lives.



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