Traci Hill

Personal Development Strategist & Motivational Speaker

Traci Hill is a veteran career strategist with decades of problem-solving experience. She has a gift for identifying and recruiting exceptional leaders and ensuring they are in the right place. Traci’s expertise is the cumulation of experience working with Fortune 100 companies and coaching countless professionals. 

Throughout the years, CEO’s, managers and top professionals repeatedly sought her expertise when it comes to hiring new talent. Rendering her a vast amount of human and procedural knowledge, Traci’s resources include a large network and an array of partners that include her family’s foundation, a charter school and many sales and staffing offices. 

Traci prides herself on having the instincts to resolve the issues and implement impactful solutions on day one. Traci’s years of identifying the ‘perfect fit’ informed her exploration of the means to find the right life partner. Using the key indicators of vetting a new job or employee, Traci deployed the process to examine her own marriage.




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