Kimberly Charlery-Pierre

Mindful Creator

From International Fashion Designer to Mental Health Advocate, Kim Charlery-Pierre has forged a space that merged two things she is extremely passionate about; Creativity & Personal Development. With over a decade of experience in fashion & design, Kim’s interaction with a vastly diverse selection of professionals from all around the world helped to spawn a mission to bridge the gap between creativity and wellness.

Leveraging the Principles of Creativity & Design; coupled with the unique lessons she learned from her experience with Mood Disorders & Chronic Illness; Kim made a seamless transition to the world of Public Speaking and Personal Development; challenging her audience to be “More than their Business Card”. Since starting her journey of managing her own Mental Wellness nearly ten years ago, she has been committed to creating and providing tools, avenues and strategies that promote authentic self-expression and positive empowerment.

A small island girl, with a unique take on F.U.N., Kim shares her “Live Colourfully Philosophy” that helps her thrive personally & professionally against the odds. Learn how Kim’s journey led her to realize that the transformative effects of her Creator Mindset are the key to living with more Freedom, Confidence & Joy!



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