Liudmila Schafer, MD

Oncologist & Associate Professor

Liudmila Schafer, MD, FACP, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and board-certified Medical Oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal malignancies. She levels the playing field of knowledge around cancer treatment, research, health, and wellness, helping people make informed decisions and bravely build their best life every day. For over two decades, Dr. Schafer has pursued this passion, finding avenues for advancement as a female oncologist.   

Growing up and starting her career outside of the United States, she has dealt with her share of health disparities and can relate to all patients, providing a treatment that best fits their needs regardless of their background. Inspired by her personal and professional journey, she empowers others with strategic knowledge of personal enrichment, leadership growth, and lifestyle modifications.   Dr. Schafer has served on many national institutional committees, including the Membership Committee and the Executive Council of the American Association for Cancer Education (AACE), Conflict of Interest Committee (COI), Women’s Faculty Development Caucus Mentoring Committee (WFDC) for medical students and faculty, and the Institutional Review Board (IRB).   

She navigates clinical, leadership, and educational activities and has presented her work on Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) at national conferences. A teaching scholar in cancer education and research grant recipient, Dr. Schafer has also earned certification in Clinical and Translational Research.   

She is a principal investigator and co-investigator for clinical trials and has received honors from the premier patient satisfaction survey, Circle of Excellence.   CEO and founder of The Doctor Connect consultancy, specializing in National Impact Strategy (NIS) that helps physicians and business professionals to intertwine passion and expertise. 

Dr. Schafer is a Forbes Coach Council member and TV host and has her own television show and a podcast. She is the author of the upcoming book The Other Side of Oncology: High Octane Observations From The Medical Front, where she empowers with personal and professional success strategies and share experience in oncology behind the scenes. She has been featured in many regional and national media outlets and peer-review journals.




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