Glen Coleman 

Teacher, Author

Glen Coleman has been teaching social studies at River Dell High School, a public school in North Jersey, for over twenty-five years. His doctoral dissertation focused on laptop integration and student-centered learning. He organizes his teaching around essential questions to encourage divergent thinking and believes students must be afforded ample opportunities to fail “gloriously” and try again. When given those opportunities with the support of constructive feedback and a caring community, all boats rise.                         

In 2019 Glen was named an HP Teaching Fellow for helping to reinvent the classroom and employing powerful learning with technology. His publications include articles for the NJEA Review and Digital Promise. He hosts the podcast Teacher Breathe and is the author of 100 or Nothing: Reimagining Success in the Classroom—a love letter to teachers that encourages all of us to rethink the possibilities of the classroom as we confront technological change, addictive social media, and intensifying polarization. 




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