Chiquista (Queen Chi) Proctor 

Business Coach 

Chiquista Proctor (Queen Chi) is an International Women EmpowHerment Speaker, Author, Tech CEO, and Mindset & Money Business Coach who works with Coaches, Authors, Speakers, & Experts to Amplify their Impact, Influence, & Increase by transforming their brilliance into high-ticket signature coaching programs. She helps her clients unlock the transformational power of their authentic brilliance to elevate and rule their spheres of influence. 

Queen Chi is passionate about shifting the mindsets of her clients and teaching them the strategies to live in abundance in every part of their lives. Her presentations are always filled with a high energy that both captivates and motivates leaders to rise in their awareness, focus, and execution in business and life. She is known in her spheres of influence for the power of her engaging story telling with the practical applications to change lives.




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