Prerna Chakkingal

Student - South Fayette High School 

Prerna Chakkingal is a sophomore at South Fayette High School in Pittsburgh, PA. 

She is a pianist with national and international guild awards. She enjoys serving her community by fulfilling her duties of a girl scout senior. In her free time, she loves to dance and express herself through actions and expressions. 

She feels strongly on social issues like feminism and racism, and she hopes to inspire the new generation of young kids with an openness to accept everyone as they are. She is working towards a project to reach out to elementary schools around the local areas to eliminate the prejudice that kids may contain. Her goal is to create a comprehensive training program that goes beyond unconscious perceptions and implicit bias to directly address systemic racism. 

Children require a new narrative and solution that acknowledges the diversity in America. This can help address discrimination at a tender age rather than handling it when it is too late. She wants to transform her vision into reality and hopes to be a successful and impactful speaker one day.





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